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The word Shaheed has a web popularity of 11200000 pages.


What means Shaheed?
The meaning of Shaheed is unknown.

Web synthesis about this name:

...Shaheed is the one who is honest and trustworthy in his.
Shaheed is a pleasant surprise in the directorial department among other things.
Shaheed is deficient in motivating the power in the viewer.
Shaheed is an attribute of allah which signifies a being from whom nothing is hidden and shahid is one whose words are based on knowledge.
Shaheed is a film which may have done better had a similar film of the same subject not been released simultaneously.
Shaheed is just what moammar rana needed to save his sagging career.
Shaheed is admitted into heaven without having to account for his sins.
Shaheed is the brother of tehseel nazim jhang sheikh muhammad iqbal shaheed.
Shaheed is picked by the planner or the initiator of the attack on the basis of previous acquaintance.
Shaheed is the one who sacrifices his life for the truth.

What is the origin of name Shaheed? Probably UK or United Arab Emirates.

Shaheed spelled backwards is Deehahs
This name has 7 letters: 3 vowels (42.86%) and 4 consonants (57.14%).

Anagrams: Hehades Hadeehs Dseehha Ehdashe Desahhe Ehedsah
Misspells: Shsheed Haheed Shaheeda Sahheed Shahede

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