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The word Shabnam has a web popularity of 5430000 pages.


What means Shabnam?

The meaning of Shabnam is: Drops of condensed water

Shabnam says: Plz notice that in persian "Shabnam" means "morning drop" which appears on plants and flowers. I think it is not related to your definition. You should mention your sources. Thanks

Shabnam says: my name is Shabnam , its symbol of love and peace. its a ancient Persian name that widely used in Iran, Tajikistan, Afghanistan, India, Pakistan, turkey and so on. It is not related to any religion. It consist of two part shab=night and nam=weep that exactly means dew. please correct this page

Ajeet joshi says: Subha ki oss kay kun is realy name defneatly give other the healing ifeel so things

XYZ says: Shab (persian) = night. Nam (Persian) = moist. Shabnam (persian) = water droplets that usually collect or condense on sufaces of leaves overnight due to drop in night temperatures and presense of moisture in air. At sunrise they may appear as sparkling beads shining light off leaves.

Web synthesis about this name:

...Shabnam is proud of her father and his achievements in the world of music.
Shabnam is stunned by her experience into realization and transforms overnight into miss goody two shoes.
Shabnam is the only asian bangalee singer who has performed in a solo concert in the house of commons of england.
Shabnam is a recent graduate of vanderbilt university.
Shabnam is very unhappy and wishes she could go back to her home where she would run in the fields with her friends and was carefree.
Shabnam is a graduate of michigan state university where she received her master in biological science.
Shabnam is also continuing her education and wants to get her bs degree.
Shabnam is arrested by the police for being the prime suspect in a murder case.
Shabnam is always pleased to assist you with appointments or other related tasks.
Shabnam is a mirror reflection of bhabhi and bhaiya is moving on to other more attractive women.

What is the origin of name Shabnam? Probably UK or Iran.

Shabnam spelled backwards is Manbahs
This name has 7 letters: 2 vowels (28.57%) and 5 consonants (71.43%).

Anagrams: Nbamsah
Misspells: Shsbnam Habnam Shabnama Sahbnam Shabnma Shabanm

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Shabnam Ara
Shabnam Kamal
Shabnam Rastgar
Shabnam Sultana
Shabnam Sandhu
Shabnam Khawas
Shabnam Banihashem
Shabnam Gh
Shabnam Sahebi
Shabnam Ghomi
Shabnam Valayi
Shabnam Sabzehi
Shabnam Wasim
Shabnam Nigar
Shabnam Fardous
Shabnam Chandela
Shabnam Asghar
Shabnam Basmani
Shabnam Fayaz
Shabnam Sahary
Shabnam Nayakodi
Shabnam Banu
Shabnam Jendi
Shabnam Tangri
Shabnam Relhan
Shabnam Hashemy
Shabnam Vafoeva
Shabnam Sathi
Shabnam Bohlooli
Shabnam Parveen
Shabnam Mofakham
Shabnam Abghari
Shabnam Ramzan Patel
Shabnam Nematy
Shabnam Jamali
Shabnam Malik
Shabnam Ensafi
Shabnam Sirur
Shabnam Azadeh
Shabnam Enayat
Shabnam Banerjee
Shabnam Sultan
Shabnam Bakhtiari
Shabnam Nazouri
Shabnam Mir
Shabnam Baby
Shabnam Kassaian
Shabnam Stevens
Shabnam Mustak
Shabnam H Ali