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The word Ramin has a web popularity of 15700000 pages.


What means Ramin?
The meaning of Ramin is unknown.

ramin says: it is a perfect name

Ramin says: It means Calmness.

Ramin says: Ramin means calmness and a person who brings calmness to others.

Ramin says: Ramin (pronounced Raameen) is a Persian name for boys from a famous pre-Islamic Persian love story, Vis and Ramin(pronounced Vais and Raameen) composed in poetry by the Persian poet Fakhr-Al-Din Ass-Ad Gorgani (فخرالدين اسعد گرگانی) in 11th century. It is of Zoroastrian origin and the meaning is “joyful” and “tamer”, one who tames animals. But it is possible that this name has other origins in other cultures.

Maria says: Maria means clean and white

Web synthesis about this name:

...Ramin is a valuable light hardwood species and is the most valuable tree species found in indonesia.
Ramin is a hardwood found only in indonesia and malaysia.
Ramin is the main target of illegal loggers operating in a number of crucial protected areas in indonesia.
Ramin is a huge show of confidence in the local health system.
Ramin is a very rare species of tropical tree found only in peat swamp ecosystems in borneo and part of sumatra.
Ramin is the most used timber for picture frame moulding because it has a close pale and even grain.
Ramin is a new york born and raised freelance writer of trinidadian and iranian descent.
Ramin is enrolled in ma in higher education program offered by college of education and.
Ramin is principal investigator for the study conducted at parkland memorial hospital.
Ramin is illegally logged even in national parks because of its high value.

What is the origin of name Ramin? Probably Russia or Iran.

Ramin spelled backwards is Nimar
This name has 5 letters: 2 vowels (40.00%) and 3 consonants (60.00%).

Anagrams: Ranim Mniar Manir Miran Amrin Imnar Nmari Inarm Rmian Amnir Inmar Nmira Rnima Narmi
Misspells: Rsmin Tamin Ramyn Lamin Amin Ramina Rmain Ramni Raimn

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