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The word Nektarios has a web popularity of 1070000 pages.


What means Nektarios?
The meaning of Nektarios is unknown.

Web synthesis about this name:

...Nektarios is one of the most beloved saints of the orthodox church.
Nektarios is a greek orthodox saint of the twentieth century.
Nektarios is really a synonym for the island itself.
Nektarios is the person he most loves in this world.
Nektarios is gathered from the oral and written material about him.
Nektarios is one of the most recent saints of the church.
Nektarios is an example of a person who shows that orthodoxy is a practical.
Nektarios is the most recent saint of the orthodox church.

What is the origin of name Nektarios? Probably Greece or UK.

Nektarios spelled backwards is Soiratken
This name has 9 letters: 4 vowels (44.44%) and 5 consonants (55.56%).

Anagrams: Iratsonke Sineatork Tseikaonr
Misspells: Nektsrios Nektatios Nekttarios Nektaryos Nektalios Nektaios Nektario Nektariosa Nketarios Nektariso Nektarois

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Nektarios Nektarios Nektarios Nektarios Nektarios

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