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The word Nawal has a web popularity of 9430000 pages.


What means Nawal?

The meaning of Nawal is: Gift, present

Web synthesis about this name:

...Nawal is simply perfect throughout the whole album and really lets her fans feel the words of her songs.
Nawal is an artist that looks for new and original music.
Nawal is member of the laureus sport for good foundation and is a unicef goodwill ambassador.
Nawal is nowadays one of the most famous and respected female singer and star in the arab world with songs ranked always on the top of most chart lists.
Nawal is married to a pakistani who lives in abu dhabi.
Nawal is president of the laureus sport for good foundation and is a unicef goodwill ambassador.
Nawal is developing a sports program where we have girls from 15 to middle age participating in a long distance race.
Nawal is one of the most famous and respected arab singers in the world.
Nawal is a famous woman not only in the arab world but also in the whole world for denouncing and fighting against not only oppression of women but also.
Nawal is committed to providing all the support she can to help morocco grow and flourish.

What is the origin of name Nawal? Probably Morocco or France.

Nawal spelled backwards is Lawan
This name has 5 letters: 2 vowels (40.00%) and 3 consonants (60.00%).

Anagrams: Nalaw Wlaan Walan Wanal Awnal Awlan Lwana Alanw Nwaal Alwan Nlawa Lanwa
Misspells: Nswal Nawall Navval Nawala Nwaal Nawla Naawl

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Nawal Felippone
Nawal Nawal
Nawal Briki
Nawal Chabbouba
Nawal El Biti
Nawal Farraj
Nawal Imran
Nawal Kishore Patwari
Nawal Ammouri
Nawal Alwani
Nawal Karimpour
Nawal El Baba
Nawal Mustafa
Nawal Benzikis
Nawal Decanat Antar
Nawal Tounsi
Nawal Arnold
Nawal Paul
Nawal Dehili
Nawal Hahad
Nawal Hamza
Nawal Omari
Nawal Kadi
Nawal Jabr
Nawal Aznidi
Nawal Khattabi
Nawal Karim
Nawal Stilianos
Nawal Amouche
Nawal Dirabi
Nawal Salem
Nawal Rafik
Nawal Aljayyousi
Nawal Jaggi
Nawal Khanna
Nawal Mami