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The word Namrata has a web popularity of 4730000 pages.


What means Namrata?

The meaning of Namrata is: modesty

Web synthesis about this name:

...Namrata is a qualified interior designer and comes from a family of architects.
Namrata is definitely not what most models are assumed to be.
Namrata is not all about modelling as she enters a relatively more serious arena.
Namrata is actively involved in social service and is the district interact representative of the delhi rotary club.
Namrata is slowly emerging as a performer par excellence.
Namrata is also looking forward to the release of insaaf.
Namrata is president and founder of the american society of engineers of indian origin.
Namrata is by far the most beautiful and promising new heroine to make her debut on celluloid in years.
Namrata is her real mother who rejects her when she confronts her.
Namrata is a full time volunteer with the program who focuses in web development and our comprehensive training program.

What is the origin of name Namrata? Probably UK or United Arab Emirates.

Namrata spelled backwards is Atarman
This name has 7 letters: 3 vowels (42.86%) and 4 consonants (57.14%).

Anagrams: Maraant Aarmatn Amatarn Mrataan Taanram Anatram Manaart Manarat Artanma Amarant Rnamata Tamarna Atraanm
Misspells: Nsmrata Namtata Namratta Namlata Namata Namrataa Nmarata Namraat Namrtaa

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Namrata Namrata Namrata Namrata Namrata

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Namrata Lalwani
Namrata Baru
Namrata Bawri Rynjah
Namrata Vanar
Namrata Hakhoo
Namrata Mishal
Namrata Kakade
Namrata Awasthi
Namrata Vansadia
Namrata Dharmani
Namrata Palsapure
Namrata Rajoriya
Namrata Lama
Namrata Sachdeva
Namrata Popat
Namrata Naneria
Namrata Bhan
Namrata Bomble
Namrata Buddhadev
Namrata Ragade
Namrata Bisain
Namrata Priyadarshini
Namrata Bhamra
Namrata Deb
Namrata Lokhande
Namrata Hazariwala
Namrata Khan
Namrata Sarmah
Namrata Tadas
Namrata Kerkar
Namrata Mogra
Namrata Suri
Namrata Bhanushali
Namrata Kallapur
Namrata Mahtani
Namrata Tare
Namrata Salvadore
Namrata Sanghi
Namrata Phoolka
Namrata Jit Kaur
Namrata Chaplot
Namrata Bamrah
Namrata Shelatkar
Namrata Wagh
Namrata Vora
Namrata Gadgil
Namrata Bhandola
Namrata Savla
Namrata Choubal
Namrata Jangale
Namrata Tejwani
Namrata Bait
Namrata Chopda
Namrata Bhambha
Namrata Saboo
Namrata Vaishwade
Namrata Jadkar
Namrata Ramlochan Tewarie
Namrata Bene
Namrata Lolge
Namrata Chavan
Namrata Horo
Namrata Wankhede
Namrata Kalamkar
Namrata Malani
Namrata Awale
Namrata Arora
Namrata Bahri
Namrata Padwalkar
Namrata Choubey
Namrata Mare
Namrata Shiv
Namrata Karandikar
Namrata Surendran
Namrata Bhagia
Namrata Mapgaonkar
Namrata Singh Salam
Namrata Shrivastav
Namrata Nagzarkar
Namrata Harishanker
Namrata Kitawat
Namrata Khailing
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Namrata Kanoi
Namrata Chowfin Chowfin
Namrata Maguire
Namrata Duggu
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Namrata Jampani
Namrata Ambre
Namrata Tuli
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Namrata Dey
Namrata Nautiyal
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Namrata Sahu
Namrata Narkar
Namrata Nathwani
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Namrata Kamadana
Namrata Bhattacharjee
Namrata Bhambhwani
Namrata Paul
Namrata Vardhaman
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Namrata Reddy
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Namrata Dhairyawan Laungani
Namrata Nihul