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The word Nagaraju has a web popularity of 173000 pages.


What means Nagaraju?
The meaning of Nagaraju is unknown.

animoni nagarau says: great thought of global optima

Nagaraju says: The name Nagaraja means King of serpents or King Cobra. In India, Hindus worship serpents as a form of supreme God. Raju is a derivative of the word Raja (King) who's is a slag word, called out of affection and no other meaning.

Web synthesis about this name:

...Nagaraju is fated to die at the hands of his nephew.
Nagaraju is visible on a number of philatelic websites.
Nagaraju is still very active and we also have on record new complaints from abroad in this regard as well.
Nagaraju is an elected fellow of indian academy of sciences.
Nagaraju is in the laboratory of molecular genetics.
Nagaraju is the first victim of the violence that broke out in bangalore after the controversial shila daan was performed in ayodhya on march 15.

What is the origin of name Nagaraju? Probably UK or United Arab Emirates.

Nagaraju spelled backwards is Ujaragan
This name has 8 letters: 4 vowels (50.00%) and 4 consonants (50.00%).

Anagrams: Raajgaun Agranjau Jagaanur Aujanarg Ajnaurga Juagaran Aagujran Nrajauga Rgaajaun Aragnuaj Ngaajaur
Misspells: Nsgaraju Nagataju Nagalaju Nagaaju Nagarajua Ngaaraju Nagarauj Nagarjau

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Nagaraju Nagaraju Nagaraju Nagaraju Nagaraju

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Nagaraju Pulipate
Nagaraju Garapati
Nagaraju Rayal
Nagaraju Muddappa
Nagaraju Antyakula
Nagaraju Pannagaveni
Nagaraju Nayak Ramavathu
Nagaraju Bethi
Nagaraju Kota
Nagaraju Bheemaneni
Nagaraju Rangam
Nagaraju Vadderaju
Nagaraju Karingula
Nagaraju Rvv
Nagaraju Parapally
Nagaraju Kati
Nagaraju Medikonduru
Nagaraju Palivela
Nagaraju Pothuraju
Nagaraju Nagaiah
Nagaraju Velur
Nagaraju Thammudu
Nagaraju Marepalli
Nagaraju Mankala
Nagaraju Pratapagiri
Nagaraju Moddu
Nagaraju Nellore
Nagaraju Motaparthi
Nagaraju Alamuri
Nagaraju Provide
Nagaraju Varikheti
Nagaraju Ogirala
Nagaraju Nimmanaganti
Nagaraju Kodamala
Nagaraju Venna
Nagaraju Nagarajupala
Nagaraju Yerramsetti
Nagaraju Bp
Nagaraju Thadavarthi
Nagaraju Chitrapu
Nagaraju Pamarthi
Nagaraju Rentala
Nagaraju Kanneganti
Nagaraju Anthati
Nagaraju Narendra
Nagaraju Edpuganti
Nagaraju Vemuri
Nagaraju Pennera
Nagaraju Badineedi
Nagaraju Shivanna
Nagaraju Samanthapudi
Nagaraju Yanamandra
Nagaraju Ch
Nagaraju Vemishetty
Nagaraju Maruboina
Nagaraju Kolakaluri
Nagaraju Jupudi