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The word Morten has a web popularity of 7870000 pages.


What means Morten?

The meaning of Morten is: Warrior The Roman God Of War Variant Of Martin

Bob says: Morten is always a handsome fellow.

Morten Netteland says: Origin of name Morten is Pershia/Iran, where it is spelled:Morteza

Web synthesis about this name:

...Morten is the principal teacher of chakrasambara buddhist center.
Morten is in norway still writing material for his next album.
Morten is in jamaica and borneo writing new songs between 7th and 20th of june 1997.
Morten is a member of the association of danish designers.
Morten is one of the premier kickers in the history of the national football league.
Morten is not judgemental about the food or the wine.
Morten is himself now a member of an ordinary sports club.
Morten is one of the few successful young fashion photographers in the country.
Morten is one of the hardest and loudest players on the field.
Morten is somewhere inside my chest expressed by emotions.

What is the origin of name Morten? Probably Norway or Denmark.

Morten spelled backwards is Netrom
This name has 6 letters: 2 vowels (33.33%) and 4 consonants (66.67%).

Anagrams: Monret Nremto Otnemr Rtenmo Nomter Nmerot Tnoerm Etnomr Monetr
Misspells: Motten Mortten Molten Moten Mortena Mroten Mortne Moretn

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Morten Landre
Morten Bengtsson
Morten Bergeland
Morten Trygstad
Morten Tylden
Morten Sarfelt
Morten Rydder
Morten Skeie
Morten Kruse Nielsen
Morten Stege
Morten Villekjaer
Morten Oure
Morten Kjul
Morten Seyfarth
Morten R Christiansen
Morten Gylling
Morten Sam
Morten Bro Kristoffersen
Morten Lisborg Eriksen
Morten Lofthus Tangnes
Morten Leth Leth
Morten Truelsen
Morten Brandvold
Morten Tandrup
Morten Hvidt
Morten Frost Hansen
Morten Sandorff
Morten Schaarup
Morten Kildegaard
Morten Thorlund Haahr
Morten Fure Lie
Morten Brettschneider
Morten Steinhauer
Morten T. Jensen
Morten Rytter
Morten Ellegaard Hessellund
Morten O. Vik
Morten Agen
Morten Langerud
Morten Due Christiansen
Morten Vogelius
Morten Dahl Rasmussen
Morten Aasberg
Morten Bergerud
Morten Sehested Pedersen
Morten Gunvad
Morten Landry Sorensen
Morten Blomberg
Morten Fast
Morten Hassing Povlsen
Morten Rosenqvist
Morten Frigga
Morten Nyebak Hagen
Morten Busklein
Morten Pors Simonsen
Morten Lehrmann
Morten Johannes Ervik
Morten Laupstad
Morten Hofstad
Morten Nelius Jensen
Morten Langaa
Morten Opdahl
Morten Heiberg
Morten Thorning
Morten Busk