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The word Mordecai has a web popularity of 5540000 pages.


What means Mordecai?

The meaning of Mordecai is: Warrior

Mordecai benHerschel says: Mordecai stems from Marduk, the Persian god of war, but its meaning is not so simply translated to English. The M is the 13 letter in the English language and indicates the sound represented by the Hebrew character Mem. Mem is a 'mother' letter in the Hebrew alphabet (Aleph Bet) which gives it a singular position and meaning. In order to know what the name "Mordecai' means at depth it is necessary to know the meanings of the other letters in the Hebrew alphabet and their relationships with each other, {Resh, Daled, Coof, and Yod) too large an undertaking in this space. It's similar to a more challenging understanding of the symbol Yod He Vau He, which non-initiates take to pronounce Jehovah, which hides the Tetragramaton's true significance from the understanding of most people; Jews included.

Web synthesis about this name:

...Mordecai is the pen name of an american born jew who made.
Mordecai is congratulated on game winning rbi by christinne muschi.
Mordecai is walking up and down before the court of the house of the women to know the welfare of esther.
Mordecai is vice president of financial engineering and principal finance within aig global investment group.
Mordecai is elevated to high position and the way joseph is.
Mordecai is an important habitat for nesting and migrating birds.
Mordecai is preparing for the launch of star wars galaxies by accepting members into the company as pilots for shipping.
Mordecai is described as having been carried away from jerusalem with jeconiah by nebuchadnezzar.
Mordecai is a former jamaican career diplomat and civil servant.
Mordecai is raised by the king to the high rank of chief minister.

What is the origin of name Mordecai? Probably UK or Israel.

Mordecai spelled backwards is Iacedrom
This name has 8 letters: 4 vowels (50.00%) and 4 consonants (50.00%).

Anagrams: Ecdaroim Cimderao Ameidorc Damciero Medaciro Erdoacim Codamrei Oemriacd Eamicodr
Misspells: Mordecsi Motdecai Mordecay Moldecai Modecai Mordecaia Mrodecai Mordecia Mordeaci

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