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The word Mokhtar has a web popularity of 8970000 pages.


What means Mokhtar?

The meaning of Mokhtar is: the one or the choosen

Web synthesis about this name:

...Mokhtar is perhaps best known for turning the port of tanjung pelepas into a regional transhipment hub to rival singapore.
Mokhtar is enjoying a rapid rise like halim saad and.
Mokhtar is a milk farmer producing around 10 litres of milk every day.
Mokhtar is deputy umno youth chief for selangor state.
Mokhtar is also in the midst of turning senai airport in johor into a cargo hub to rival singapore.
Mokhtar is said to have roped in dubai aluminium company.
Mokhtar is said to be eyeing several infrastructure projects.
Mokhtar is expected to bring in more contracts for ijm and hence for tronoh mines.
Mokhtar is also the man who has built a port and logistics empire in johor to rival singapore.
Mokhtar is now applying her business and professional experience to her true passion.

What is the origin of name Mokhtar? Probably France or Malaysia.

Mokhtar spelled backwards is Rathkom
This name has 7 letters: 2 vowels (28.57%) and 5 consonants (71.43%).

Anagrams: Rohtamk Ramkoht Hmokrat
Misspells: Mokhtsr Mokhtat Mokhttar Mokhtal Mokhta Mokhtara Mkohtar Mokhtra Mokhatr

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Mokhtar Tabib
Mokhtar Neifer
Mokhtar Lahbazi
Mokhtar Hammami
Mokhtar Ben
Mokhtar Aadou
Mokhtar Saib
Mokhtar Janoub Press
Mokhtar Latroche
Mokhtar Aboelaze
Mokhtar Asari
Mokhtar Yagoubi
Mokhtar Hammouchi
Mokhtar Horri
Mokhtar Kassim
Mokhtar Talbi
Mokhtar Fritih
Mokhtar Nagran
Mokhtar Abaza
Mokhtar Baghdad Doukara
Mokhtar Guettaia
Mokhtar Kherzat
Mokhtar Salib
Mokhtar Douidi
Mokhtar Derras
Mokhtar Amrouch
Mokhtar Khater
Mokhtar Mered
Mokhtar Abd Razak
Mokhtar Naouri
Mokhtar Morsy
Mokhtar Alitouche
Mokhtar Awad
Mokhtar Riad
Mokhtar Belhassine
Mokhtar Ayadi
Mokhtar Laoussadi
Mokhtar Zamzamy
Mokhtar Ouldchbih
Mokhtar Hemidah
Mokhtar Kamil
Mokhtar Farrag Mahmoud
Mokhtar Ghalala
Mokhtar Haji Ali
Mokhtar Albakri
Mokhtar Alouani
Mokhtar Mayou
Mokhtar Dali
Mokhtar Latiff
Mokhtar Sarwari
Mokhtar Elabgy
Mokhtar Bouali
Mokhtar Kadiri
Mokhtar Sharf
Mokhtar Abdi
Mokhtar Chentouf
Mokhtar Gabarine
Mokhtar Khennous
Mokhtar El Far
Mokhtar Mars
Mokhtar Oussama Alliouche
Mokhtar Gouiri
Mokhtar Aouak
Mokhtar Beyrouth
Mokhtar Ould Cheikh
Mokhtar Attig
Mokhtar Harti
Mokhtar Sheikholeslami
Mokhtar Bouraoui
Mokhtar Elalfy
Mokhtar Fazly
Mokhtar Wasco
Mokhtar Dandani
Mokhtar Khalifa
Mokhtar Merazga
Mokhtar Hishmat
Mokhtar Zaidi
Mokhtar Benkada
Mokhtar Kermiche
Mokhtar Kaidi
Mokhtar Hj Ramly
Mokhtar Alshayeb
Mokhtar Badr
Mokhtar Laktib
Mokhtar Elkholy
Mokhtar Boye
Mokhtar Kerras
Mokhtar Elbok
Mokhtar Annajah
Mokhtar Chaoui
Mokhtar Benabdallaoui
Mokhtar Dayem
Mokhtar Mokri
Mokhtar Abdo
Mokhtar Akonade
Mokhtar Boukraa
Mokhtar Ali
Mokhtar Benaouali
Mokhtar Rekada
Mokhtar Mrassli
Mokhtar Labiad
Mokhtar Chemaou
Mokhtar Metallica
Mokhtar Mokhtari
Mokhtar Brahimi
Mokhtar Sadok
Mokhtar Hamlil
Mokhtar Ebrahimi