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The word Mladen has a web popularity of 13500000 pages.


What means Mladen?

The meaning of Mladen is: Young

Web synthesis about this name:

...Mladen is currently produces ten christian radio programs which are broadcast over six stations in croatia.
Mladen is his brother josip with his wife branka and his daughter nada.
Mladen is taking accounting courses at red deer college and will eventually receive a diploma in business administration.
Mladen is an excellent student who has received rewards.
Mladen is the kinda of person you would like to have in house.
Mladen is alsow working wtih a small group in the nearby town of mursko svedisce.
Mladen is sensitive to what we are experiencing in our country now.
Mladen is an internationally known director and drama teacher.
Mladen is thankful to the lord for the good biopsy test results.
Mladen is currently producing ten christian radio programs which are broadcast over six stations in croatia.

What is the origin of name Mladen? Probably Serbia or Romania.

Mladen spelled backwards is Nedalm
This name has 6 letters: 2 vowels (33.33%) and 4 consonants (66.67%).

Anagrams: Ladmen Nmaeld Nmeald Lnamed Nademl Dmanle Ndamle Ldanme
Misspells: Mlsden Mlladen Mladena Malden Mladne Mlaedn

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Mladen Juricev
Mladen Bakovic
Mladen Suleski
Mladen Radulovic
Mladen Marendic
Mladen Sebek
Mladen Svetec
Mladen Ryznar
Mladen Ilisinovic
Mladen Kriznik
Mladen Mejakic
Mladen Vidojevic
Mladen Savin
Mladen Hucic
Mladen Misovski
Mladen Randjelovic
Mladen Richter
Mladen Kancir
Mladen Pen
Mladen Lalic
Mladen Pauler
Mladen Malik
Mladen Sersic
Mladen Banovic
Mladen Sinko
Mladen Jambrovic
Mladen Novakovic
Mladen Milter
Mladen Stanic
Mladen Petrovic
Mladen Radosavljevic
Mladen Bozic