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The word Manuela has a web popularity of 17100000 pages.


What means Manuela?

The meaning of Manuela is: God Is With Us

Web synthesis about this name:

...Manuela is not afraid to use her lips for sharing smiles.
Manuela is the daughter is the daughter of famous italian scientist carmelo.
Manuela is uniquely qualified to serve the needs of international clients.
Manuela is the volunteer site coordinator and regional young adult volunteer program consultant working ecumenically under the umbrella of the waldensian church.
Manuela is a walking encyclopedia about plants and herbs that can be used for healing.
Manuela is a nurse and coordinator at a heart transplant clinic.
Manuela is an authorized continuum movement teacher leading regular continuum classes in sf and abroad.
Manuela is usually only discussed as an adjunct to her famous lover.
Manuela is provocated by her husband and is reacting with a very effective method.
Manuela is situated literaly seconds away from the beautiful sandy beaches of bitez.

What is the origin of name Manuela? Probably Italy or Spain.

Manuela spelled backwards is Aleunam
This name has 7 letters: 4 vowels (57.14%) and 3 consonants (42.86%).

Anagrams: Amanule Analeum Nuelaam Laamuen Ameluan Laanmue Eulamna Umanale Lenauma Aenamul
Misspells: Msnuela Manuella Manuelaa Mnauela Manueal Manulea

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Manuela Nogueira
Manuela Uccello
Manuela Stuivenberg
Manuela Massarengo
Manuela Bertone
Manuela Mappa
Manuela Petagna
Manuela Nanchen Stanojlovic
Manuela Pirelli
Manuela Guerra Palacio
Manuela Bregar
Manuela Di Giosa
Manuela Adriano
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Manuela Carenza
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Manuela Schagerl