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The word Manon has a web popularity of 28000000 pages.


What means Manon?

The meaning of Manon is: Sea Of Bitterness

Manon Bourcier says: sea of bitterness.... not

Juliane says: Thanks for telling me what does my name mean!

Manon De Comillo says: Sea of Bitterness? .. Really? .. oh come on .. who came up with this!!??

Manon Elder says: In my research, I found Manon meant "firm of purpose" and "horse"

Manon Bourgeois says: Manon is the French Opera I was named after by my father.

Web synthesis about this name:

...Manon is the possessor of a list of jacobite names that the bloodthirsty english politician edward hale would give anything to lay his hands on.
Manon is saddened by the brilliance of the outside world.
Manon is staying with the johnson family of santa rosa.
Manon is tried and condemned and as she lies dying in the desert waste she sings her final sola.
Manon is a sensitive portrait of a foolish careless woman.
Manon is a beautiful young girl who happens to own a spring that feeds the farms about her.
Manon is an executive at a multinational pharmaceutical company.
Manon is mesmerised by the luxury and in a seductive pas de trois she succombs to temptation and leaves with her new richer.
Manon is a brand new lovely villa nestled in the hillside of colombier.
Manon is a villa style property set in lovely gardens in the little village of odars.

What is the origin of name Manon? Probably France or Netherlands.

Manon spelled backwards is Nonam
This name has 5 letters: 2 vowels (40.00%) and 3 consonants (60.00%).

Anagrams: Nnoam Nanom Noman Anmon Onnam Nnamo Onamn Mnoan Annom Nnoma Mnona Namno
Misspells: Msnon Manona Mnaon Manno Maonn

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