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The word Krishna has a web popularity of 119000000 pages.


What means Krishna?

The meaning of Krishna is: Pleasure

Web synthesis about this name:

...Krishna is a sanskrit word meaning the object of attraction.
Krishna is another of the most commonly worshipped deities in the hindu faith.
Krishna is the eighth avatar or reincarnation of the god vishnu.
Krishna is brahma swaroop and completely beyond the prakruti.
Krishna is the supreme personality of godhead we have nothing to do other than to know who the supreme being is.
Krishna is one of the most popular deities throughout india.
Krishna is worshipped by millions of people in india and nepal.
Krishna is the supreme personality of godhead and he is a person.
Krishna is an important place of pilgrimage and thousands of devotees throng the city throughout the year.
Krishna is the incarnation of god and so they worship him.

What is the origin of name Krishna? Probably UK or United Arab Emirates.

Krishna spelled backwards is Anhsirk
This name has 7 letters: 2 vowels (28.57%) and 5 consonants (71.43%).

Anagrams: Shinkar Rihsakn
Misspells: Krishns Ktishna Kryshna Klishna Kishna Krihna Krishnaa Kirshna Krishan Krisnha

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Krishna Reddy Kanuganti
Krishna Nand Mishra
Krishna Kambalapally
Krishna Kakileti
Krishna Reddy Vanga
Krishna Ma
Krishna Furniture
Krishna Kole
Krishna Thirumalaiswamy
Krishna Mittapally
Krishna Kowdki
Krishna Kamalakar
Krishna Murnal
Krishna Ougrah
Krishna Atluri
Krishna Boyapally
Krishna Kommalapati
Krishna Nikunj
Krishna Pattapu
Krishna Infotech
Krishna Gilda
Krishna Kanojiya
Krishna Redfish
Krishna Injamuri
Krishna Mareddy
Krishna Murthy Pisipati
Krishna Lakshminarasimh
Krishna R Boda
Krishna Meet Me
Krishna Kandiballa
Krishna Katuri
Krishna Pujeri
Krishna Bellamkonda
Krishna Akki
Krishna Koma Dhoray
Krishna Korlahalli
Krishna Malldy
Krishna Gurupalli
Krishna Veni Ruddarraju
Krishna Rajkumar
Krishna Gosavi
Krishna Kumar Singh
Krishna Chegonda
Krishna Reddy Gundala
Krishna Deo Singh
Krishna Pandranki
Krishna Sayam
Krishna Chikki
Krishna Pamarty
Krishna Shet
Krishna Sati
Krishna Loy
Krishna Sutariya
Krishna Kakani
Krishna Kumar Thangakrishnan
Krishna S Raghavan
Krishna Mr. Singh
Krishna Chaube
Krishna Sanju
Krishna Narasimhaiah
Krishna Marathe
Krishna Badhan
Krishna Kopparthi
Krishna Babla
Krishna Mirjah
Krishna Kukanur
Krishna Kondalkar
Krishna Chaitanya Maddula
Krishna Badveli
Krishna Tight
Krishna Keshwala
Krishna Gajjala
Krishna Gopalaswami
Krishna Mohan Vp
Krishna You
Krishna Gavili
Krishna Shukla
Krishna Prasad Nimmakanti
Krishna Chalke
Krishna Mohanka
Krishna Kastury
Krishna Bunty
Krishna Bandari
Krishna Esr
Krishna Murthy Kandukur
Krishna K. Kotikalapudi
Krishna Mutina
Krishna Kusuma
Krishna Kaliksha
Krishna Kanth Gvc
Krishna K Mitra
Krishna Singh Kushwaha
Krishna Niit Sir
Krishna Dasari
Krishna Vutla
Krishna Prem Srivastava
Krishna Kamble
Krishna Rao Prepress