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The word Keila has a web popularity of 22400000 pages.


What means Keila?

The meaning of Keila is: Citadel

Keila says: Keila is a name in the Bible.

Web synthesis about this name:

...Keila is divorced and resides with her son in doylestown borough.
Keila is in the kindergarten class and justin with an ever.
Keila is responsible for developing and overseeing new college hiring strategies across key job categories.
Keila is a lovely brazilian girl who knows what she wants.
Keila is being videotaped during a therapy session with megan schaefer.
Keila is now finishing the city profile and creating gis at the same time.
Keila is 12 years old and has been living with the hiv virus her whole life.
Keila is unsure if she can use the bathroom sink or should she buy a baby tub.
Keila is a very gentle dog with a loving personality.
Keila is constantly asking us for a little brother or sister.

What is the origin of name Keila? Probably Brazil or Venezuela.

Keila spelled backwards is Aliek
This name has 5 letters: 3 vowels (60.00%) and 2 consonants (40.00%).

Anagrams: Keali Elika Ialek Ilkea Eikla Kiale Laeki Kilea Ailke Kalie Aekil
Misspells: Keils Keilla Keyla Keilaa Kiela Keial Kelia

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