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The word Katarzyna has a web popularity of 52800000 pages.


What means Katarzyna?

The meaning of Katarzyna is: Pure

Web synthesis about this name:

...Katarzyna is a polish national living in poland who speaks english.
Katarzyna is an accomplished violinist and is also interested in digital recording.
Katarzyna is sure that she is making a positive contribution to society.
Katarzyna is interested in the applications of mathematics and computer science as tools to assist in the study of biology.
Katarzyna is the sister who married the polish lawyer after her father died in order to provide a home for her brothers and sisters.
Katarzyna is a sinti artist she was born in kiew in 1961 and grew up in poland.
Katarzyna is being honored by the american red cross for all the work she did to help the large number of polish families touched by the september 11th.
Katarzyna is the most lucid person i know when i need to talk to someone.
Katarzyna is a polish hairdresser who turned to prostitution after being raped and blackmailed in germany.

What is the origin of name Katarzyna? Probably UK or Poland.

Katarzyna spelled backwards is Anyzratak
This name has 9 letters: 4 vowels (44.44%) and 5 consonants (55.56%).

Anagrams: Aatkyranz Anyzrakta Anytkaraz Rynkatzaa Rtakaanyz Azynkatar Kzayraant Aazaktyrn
Misspells: Kstarzyna Katatzyna Kattarzyna Katarzina Katalzyna Katazyna Katarzynaa Ktaarzyna Katarzyan Katarznya

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Katarzyna Katarzyna Katarzyna Katarzyna Katarzyna
Katarzyna Katarzyna Katarzyna Katarzyna Katarzyna

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