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The word Jolanta has a web popularity of 19500000 pages.


What means Jolanta?

The meaning of Jolanta is: Violet

Jolanta says: The most beautiful name on the World!

Web synthesis about this name:

...Jolanta is still busy with preparation of exhibitions.
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Jolanta is so popular that people are only half joking when they say she should run for president in 2005.
Jolanta is in the process of devising an agenda and will be available on the website in the next day or so.
Jolanta is a polish national living in poland who speaks dutch.

What is the origin of name Jolanta? Probably UK or Poland.

Jolanta spelled backwards is Atnaloj
This name has 7 letters: 3 vowels (42.86%) and 4 consonants (57.14%).

Anagrams: Ojalatn Onalatj Olatnaj Lantaoj Taojanl Toaljan Lajonat Natajlo Olnaajt Ajolatn Anlojat
Misspells: Jolsnta Jollanta Jolantta Jolantaa Jloanta Jolanat Jolatna

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Jolanta Jolanta Jolanta Jolanta Jolanta

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Jolanta Dudek
Jolanta Sobczak
Jolanta Anders
Jolanta Bubel
Jolanta Niechwiadowicz
Jolanta Kowalsky
Jolanta Zawilska
Jolanta Nir
Jolanta Usaite
Jolanta Horazy
Jolanta Dreimane
Jolanta Liachovic
Jolanta Ziemkiewicz
Jolanta Leroch
Jolanta Orszulak
Jolanta Sytniaskyte
Jolanta Herbut
Jolanta Miecznikowska
Jolanta Kraszewska
Jolanta Zickute
Jolanta Sliwa
Jolanta Puszkiewicz
Jolanta Staniek
Jolanta Wojtaszek
Jolanta Stevenson Siek
Jolanta Schubert
Jolanta Moskvina
Jolanta Ostaniewicz
Jolanta Figlioli
Jolanta Wojnarowska
Jolanta Torresan
Jolanta Kiewisz
Jolanta Kovalevskiene
Jolanta Klamerus
Jolanta Artifex
Jolanta Jurczak
Jolanta Malicki
Jolanta Czubaj
Jolanta Mackiewicz
Jolanta Krzysiak
Jolanta Sielska
Jolanta Rickeviciene
Jolanta Piljici
Jolanta Speed
Jolanta Millitz
Jolanta Izabela Pawlak
Jolanta Klimaszewska
Jolanta Marciniuk
Jolanta Pakulski
Jolanta Svelnyte
Jolanta Jakubaviciene
Jolanta Pierzak
Jolanta Gawlik
Jolanta Rygiel
Jolanta Oleskevic
Jolanta Merta
Jolanta Renoux
Jolanta Wyszynska
Jolanta Charytonik
Jolanta Krakowiak
Jolanta Niewiarowska
Jolanta Dziegiel
Jolanta Kolakowska
Jolanta Maria Hovgaard
Jolanta Kamaitiene
Jolanta Krzyzanowska
Jolanta Bernartz
Jolanta Pasek
Jolanta Zastawny
Jolanta Zenkeviciene
Jolanta Vaiciunaite
Jolanta Halina
Jolanta Kwieciak
Jolanta Kiszelewska
Jolanta Kicowska
Jolanta Sedkowski
Jolanta Tabaka
Jolanta Zablocki
Jolanta Kasinska
Jolanta Jaskolska
Jolanta Jola Wegiel
Jolanta Kusmierczyk Michulec
Jolanta Wierzbicka
Jolanta Peche
Jolanta Dinnadge
Jolanta Pliatkute