Jimmy - details and analysis   

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The word Jimmy has a web popularity of 90800000 pages.


What means Jimmy?

The meaning of Jimmy is: Supplanter

Okwany Jimmy says: I feel my name Jimmy should also be included among my namesakes

Web synthesis about this name:

...Jimmy is taking out the trash schoolgirl receives a perfect 8.
Jimmy is changing the security on some folders on his windows.
Jimmy is drilling for a new super lubricant we drank out of these.
Jimmy is designed with a rigid chassis and front and rear.
Jimmy is busy breaking down the doors of jazz guitar mystery and confusion for us.
Jimmy is knighted young is stepping down from his lunchtime show this year radio broadcaster sir.
Jimmy is taking out the trash and schoolgirl receives a perfect 8 inch gift for new years.
Jimmy is changing the security on some folders on his windows 2000 file server.
Jimmy is always thinking of new ways of finding juice.
Jimmy is featured in an excellent interview by tom guerra which covers his career with aerosmith.

What is the origin of name Jimmy? Probably France or UK.

Jimmy spelled backwards is Ymmij
This name has 5 letters: 2 vowels (40.00%) and 3 consonants (60.00%).

Anagrams: Jiymm Mymij Miymj Mmyij Jmymi Ymijm Myijm Imymj Jymmi
Misspells: Jymmy Jimmi Jimmya Jmimy Jimym

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Jimmy Jimmy Jimmy Jimmy Jimmy
Jimmy Jimmy Jimmy Jimmy Jimmy

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