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The word Jacques has a web popularity of 291000000 pages.


What means Jacques?

The meaning of Jacques is: Held By The Heel

Web synthesis about this name:

...Jacques is also saving some of the money he makes so that he can help out his only brother.
Jacques is a man who never knew anything but freedom.
Jacques is a danish bread oldenburger stallion with old and exclusively competitive bloodlines.
Jacques is a terrific candidate who has a chance to make history and a real difference in congress.
Jacques is one of the most admired and respected brazilian jiu.
Jacques is all business and he possesses a quiet confidence that is very important in track and field.
Jacques is the leader of the south african indigenous hci cluster that will present the development consortium at chi 2002 in minneapolis.
Jacques is frequently sought as an expert and lecturer on marketing issues.
Jacques is incomplete without a mention however brief about his marriage and subsequent divorce.
Jacques is willing to do and now that british american racing is under a new management there.

What is the origin of name Jacques? Probably France or Belgium.

Jacques spelled backwards is Seuqcaj
This name has 7 letters: 3 vowels (42.86%) and 4 consonants (57.14%).

Anagrams: Cuqasje Acseuqj Cquesaj Esajquc Sjueqac Cejuqas Qucejsa Saquejc Sejcaqu Qjacseu Sucajqe
Misspells: Jscques Jacoues Jacque Jacquesa Jcaques Jacquse Jacqeus

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