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The word Islam has a web popularity of 565000000 pages.


What means Islam?

The meaning of Islam is: Submission

Cat says: Islam as a surname just like Christian as a surname and a first name. Very common surname and middlename in far East sub continents of India, Burma, etc. and not part of religion other than just a surname

Iftakharul islam says: What is the meaning of Iftakharul islam


Web synthesis about this name:

...Islam is not the source if terrorism but its solution.
Islam is a way of life and of belief revealed by god.
Islam is peace islam is ease islam is beautiful islam is sucessful islam is harmony islam is unity islam is purity islam is sanity islam is love.
Islam is the religion of peace and harmony for all mankind.
Islam is the soft but swift breeze that removes the heavy but yet invisible veil that covers the reality of this world.
Islam is everywhere by mark silk never before have the.
Islam is winning black america now is the time to turn the tide.
Islam is modern brengt een realistisch en voorzichtig positief beeld.
Islam is a comprehensive definition that includes almost ev.
Islam is the religion muslim is the follower islamic is the institution.

What is the origin of name Islam? Probably Russia or UK.

Islam spelled backwards is Malsi
This name has 5 letters: 2 vowels (40.00%) and 3 consonants (60.00%).

Anagrams: Ismal Salim Lmasi Laism Sliam Ilmas Amsil Ilasm Mlais Imals Msila
Misspells: Islsm Isllam Yslam Ilam Islama Ilsam Islma Isalm

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