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The word Imre has a web popularity of 24900000 pages.


What means Imre?

The meaning of Imre is: Variant of Emeric

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...Imre is enhancing efforts in the training of research scientists and engineers.
Imre is an organization that undertakes research in selected fields of material science and engineering.
Imre is involved in a broad spectrum of research areas including chemicals.
Imre is seeking to educate hungarians about the roma situation.
Imre is a microsoft certified system engineer as well as a certified novell engineer.
Imre is part of the department of business administration and economics.
Imre is attacked and fatally stabbed by a gang of thieves who were trying to break into his car.
Imre is caught off guard by the hug because both of them are married and panna had implied a belief in a more introvert relationship to the world than hugging.
Imre is the program manager at the us department of energy with responsibility for energy storage.
Imre is in the process of completing her masters degree in criminology at the university of toronto.

What is the origin of name Imre? Probably Hungary or Romania.

Imre spelled backwards is Ermi
This name has 4 letters: 2 vowels (50.00%) and 2 consonants (50.00%).

Anagrams: Imer Mier Meir Riem Meri Ermi Mrie Mrei Reim Ierm Eimr Emir Rmie Eirm
Misspells: Imte Ymre Imle Ime Imrea Irme Imer

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