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The word Hussam has a web popularity of 3290000 pages.


What means Hussam?
The meaning of Hussam is unknown.

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...Hussam is responsible only for the services specified.
Hussam is ranked as level three with the national accreditation authority for translators and interpreters.
Hussam is enjoying his first few months of cardiology fellowship in kentucky.
Hussam is recognized by all who know him as a very moderate man.
Hussam is chief financial officer and general counsel while oldman is chief marketing officer.
Hussam is a cardiologist and used to live in wichita till january 95.
Hussam is one of those kind souls that all travelers count themselves lucky to meet.
Hussam is a consultant for aml training and lectures and publishes on laundering issues.
Hussam is developing techniques for visualizing and analyzing complex three.
Hussam is executive director of the southern california chapter of the council on american.

What is the origin of name Hussam? Probably Saudi Arabia or United Arab Emirates.

Hussam spelled backwards is Massuh
This name has 6 letters: 2 vowels (33.33%) and 4 consonants (66.67%).

Anagrams: Humsas Msahsu Usmahs Ssamhu Muhsas Mhasus Smuash Asmuhs Humass
Misspells: Husssm Husam Hussama Hsusam Hussma Husasm

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Hussam Elzeini
Hussam Kanaa
Hussam Sharaf
Hussam Hajj
Hussam Al Haj
Hussam Al Kayali
Hussam Al Sayeh
Hussam Ayloush
Hussam Raouf
Hussam Nor
Hussam Alkhwaldeh
Hussam Bashir
Hussam Alomar
Hussam Ghaly
Hussam Al Hamwi
Hussam Waleed
Hussam Haggag
Hussam Khateb
Hussam Bachir
Hussam Abuhamad
Hussam Mandil
Hussam K Husseini
Hussam Abu Hassira
Hussam Banji
Hussam Kafi
Hussam Hazaimeh
Hussam Arnaout
Hussam Selman
Hussam Aly
Hussam Maki
Hussam Khaddam
Hussam Amoor
Hussam Syed
Hussam Hawi