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The word Houda has a web popularity of 5970000 pages.


What means Houda?

The meaning of Houda is: The right way, right guidance

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...Houda is in 1996 opgericht door vijf inwoners van beverwijk.
Houda is authority for the proposition that time charterers have no general right to order owners to deliver cargo otherwise than to the holders of a bill.
Houda is currently situated at the edge of bankstown airport.
Houda is also a regular contributor to the annual publication.
Houda is also a regular contributor to the annual publication the nhl guide and record book and various european hockey publications.
Houda is an adjunct professor at lesley college school of management in their organization development certificate program.
Houda is een vrouwelijke marokkaanse dj die muziek draait op bruiloften.
Houda is backing down the stairs very slowly with a baby stroller and her very tiny new baby.
Houda is attempting to win his second calder cup with the amerks after competing on the 1996 championship team.
Houda is tied for eighth among ahl defensemen with 13.

What is the origin of name Houda? Probably Morocco or France.

Houda spelled backwards is Aduoh
This name has 5 letters: 3 vowels (60.00%) and 2 consonants (40.00%).

Anagrams: Hoadu Oduha Uadoh Udhoa Ouhda Huado Daohu Hudoa Audho Haduo Aohud
Misspells: Houds Houdaa Huoda Houad Hodua

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Houda Mhammedi
Houda Fayad
Houda Lamzouki
Houda Interface
Houda Rihani
Houda Belmahjoub
Houda Mhafdhi
Houda Slimene
Houda Berrada Allam
Houda El Mouhdi
Houda Kabbaj
Houda Hachri
Houda Kouari
Houda Kassir
Houda Douda
Houda Haloui
Houda Belkhadir
Houda Baddredine
Houda Abbassi
Houda Nom
Houda Nasr
Houda Jouini
Houda Amdouni
Houda Asfahani
Houda Zougah
Houda Zatti
Houda Lambarqui
Houda Benjelloun
Houda Bouaoun
Houda El Baqqali
Houda Idrissi
Houda Banani
Houda Jannan
Houda Hadef
Houda Lazreg Aref
Houda Tijani
Houda Mortad
Houda Gualloula
Houda Gzouli
Houda Hadidane
Houda Ibn Majdoub
Houda Latigui
Houda Doudi
Houda Meknassi
Houda Greb
Houda Ghanname