Hameed - details and analysis   

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The word Hameed has a web popularity of 9720000 pages.


What means Hameed?

The meaning of Hameed is: Praising, thankful

Web synthesis about this name:

...Hameed is the pivot around whom everything revolves.
Hameed is earnestly committed to an end to oppression and the creation of a peaceful and just existence for all beings and entities.
Hameed is a board certified general surgeon practicing in west covina since 1985.
Hameed is an other national living in pakistan who speaks arabic.
Hameed is an it consultant with fifteen years of experience in various industries including advertising.
Hameed is unlikely to have any major impact on sargodha politics as.
Hameed is a former isi chief and he wanted to expose the mi and that is why he made his recent statement.
Hameed is among the first batch of 41 children brought to hyderabad as part of a drive to rehabilitate the orphans left behind by the gujarat riots.
Hameed is looking into community involvement in the education of children and also media to encourage teachers to do a better job.
Hameed is representing india in international bowling competitions on account of his semifinals rankings in the first two editions of colorplus championship.

What is the origin of name Hameed? Probably Pakistan or UK.

Hameed spelled backwards is Deemah
This name has 6 letters: 3 vowels (50.00%) and 3 consonants (50.00%).

Anagrams: Hadmee Dmehea Aedehm Amehed Meedha Daheem Dhemae Dmeeha Edaemh Demhae Eedahm Hadeem
Misspells: Hsmeed Hameeda Hmaeed Hamede

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Hameed Unius
Hameed Barayil
Hameed Jaber
Hameed Pallakudel
Hameed Sha
Hameed Shaker
Hameed Ahmad Haqparwar
Hameed Rahman
Hameed Bakhsh
Hameed Asghar Kidwai
Hameed Salman
Hameed Shaik
Hameed Agar
Hameed Mh
Hameed Aly
Hameed Parbatani
Hameed Masood
Hameed Fadaie
Hameed Qadir
Hameed Tvmalai
Hameed Ahmed Shaik
Hameed Reza Nematollahi
Hameed Ots
Hameed Hameedalamri
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Hameed Mullungal
Hameed Thambi