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The word Gopinath has a web popularity of 6470000 pages.


What means Gopinath?

The meaning of Gopinath is: Modern transcription of GOPINATHA

Gopinath Subbegowda says: The name Gopinath means, GOPI -> Gopi women of Yadava clan(Gopikas) and Nath/Natha means -> The leader, Guide, Ruler. The Yadava king Sri Krishna's is considered to be the Gopinatha as he was loved and idolised for all his great personality, good spirit/human nature.

Gopinath Jambulingam says: Tamil Translator in Chennai

Web synthesis about this name:

...Gopinath is an epic personality of indian dancing in the twentieth century.
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Gopinath is one of the pioneers in rainwater harvesting methods in chennai.
Gopinath is the proceedings of annual conference organised by environmental mutagen society of india with participation of eminent scientists.
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Gopinath is a postgraduate in physics with over 19 years of experience in process control systems.

What is the origin of name Gopinath? Probably United Arab Emirates or UK.

Gopinath spelled backwards is Htanipog
This name has 8 letters: 3 vowels (37.50%) and 5 consonants (62.50%).

Anagrams: Naitpohg Ipnagtoh Ohtiganp Thapinog Gnitahpo Npiotahg Gpitnoah Gpaotihn
Misspells: Gopinsth Gopinatth Gopynath Gopinatha Gpoinath Gopinaht Gopintah

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Gopinath Gopinath Gopinath Gopinath Gopinath

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Gopinath Manchikanti
Gopinath Tungar
Gopinath Kaushik
Gopinath Mukharjee
Gopinath Bokka
Gopinath Mohapatra Mohapatra
Gopinath Pandurangan
Gopinath Hariharan
Gopinath Pachaiappan
Gopinath Meganathan
Gopinath Nambi
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Gopinath Dt
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Gopinath Anna
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Gopinath Ab
Gopinath Neelamegan
Gopinath Kudva
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Gopinath Purala
Gopinath Kannaiahraj
Gopinath Huilgol
Gopinath Chitlur
Gopinath Tn
Gopinath Gandheker
Gopinath Kandagatla
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Gopinath Nirmala
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Gopinath Chockalingam
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Gopinath Pasuparthy
Gopinath Ambadithody
Gopinath Anandan
Gopinath Warrier
Gopinath Kakkoprath
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