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The word Giulio has a web popularity of 39600000 pages.


What means Giulio?

The meaning of Giulio is: Down-bearded youth

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...Giulio is more noted for the architectural projects.
Giulio is not a cannibal giulio gionst retroscena per i miei lettori.
Giulio is a charming medieval village on the shores of lake orta with wonderful palaces and lanes that lead to piazza motta where the 16 th century.
Giulio is a spacious hotel standing serene in its own lush gardens in the heart of ancient rome.
Giulio is a spacious hotel standing serene in its own lush gardens in the.
Giulio is kind enough not to mention explicitly the fact that i seem to have forgotten about the cross cultural nature of the.
Giulio is an eclectic pianist who moves easily from the.
Giulio is performing similar studies in freshwater fishes.
Giulio is more than a little interested in politics.
Giulio is a hidden jewel and a paradise for the traveler.

What is the origin of name Giulio? Probably Italy or UK.

Giulio spelled backwards is Oiluig
This name has 6 letters: 4 vowels (66.67%) and 2 consonants (33.33%).

Anagrams: Iloigu Uogiil Iulgio Uliogi Oigliu Ouligi Igouli Olugii Iluogi
Misspells: Giullio Gyulio Giulioa Guilio Giuloi Giuilo

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Giulio Gini
Giulio Faragalli
Giulio Gallerani
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Giulio De Lucis
Giulio Pinerolo
Giulio Cesare Scarpi
Giulio Marescotti
Giulio Vampa
Giulio Artesani
Giulio Giulio Baroni
Giulio Ragazzi
Giulio Bagnasco
Giulio Izzo
Giulio Cappa
Giulio Sinicato
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Giulio Feliziani
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