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The word Giacomo has a web popularity of 64000000 pages.


What means Giacomo?

The meaning of Giacomo is: Replaces

Web synthesis about this name:

...Giacomo is best known among neapolitans as the lyricist for a number of neapolitan songs.
Giacomo is detained at the police station in locarno for the whole night.
Giacomo is the largest church in the unique area around canal vena and became a basilica because la madonna della navicella.
Giacomo is much more than a tv sitcom star and a talented dramatic actress with many major film and stage roles to her credit.
Giacomo is the best a collection of screen captures from her movies.
Giacomo is an alumnus of the university of delaware where he earned a bachelor of mechanical engineering degree in 1979.
Giacomo is a native of tuscany and a recent graduate of the university of florence.
Giacomo is prancing around being as crazy as an outhouse fly and as loveable as only a pleasantly looney can be.
Giacomo is anxious that his daughter may be under the power of the devil and as she sleeps devils and angels rival each other.
Giacomo is the best celebrityrings laura san giacomo links entertainguide.

What is the origin of name Giacomo? Probably Italy or UK.

Giacomo spelled backwards is Omocaig
This name has 7 letters: 4 vowels (57.14%) and 3 consonants (42.86%).

Anagrams: Igoacmo Aociogm Iocaomg Acomoig Moigcoa Ogomcia Amgocio Coamgoi Oicomga Aogiocm Omgaico Aogocim Ocmogai Omcioga
Misspells: Giscomo Gyacomo Giacomoa Gaicomo Giacoom Giacmoo

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Giacomo Attori
Giacomo Daniele Fragapane
Giacomo Felli
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