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The word Garo has a web popularity of 2650000 pages.


What means Garo?
The meaning of Garo is unknown.

marakur says: Actually Garo is ordinarily Sub-Tribe. The Garo people are living in Meghalaya,Assam,some parts of India as well as some parts of Bangladesh. And generally the Garo(s)/Garo prefers to take his/their title(s) like Marak,Sangma,Momin,Arengh,Shira, etc. etc. Thanks a lot to all readers.

Garo says: Garo is short for Garabet and it is an Armenian name.

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...Garo is befaamd voor zijn schilderijen in het magisch realisme.
Garo is an accomplished deep sea fisherman and loves to spend time enjoying the ocean.
Garo is one of only 20 gis instructors nationwide selected to attend and make a presentation at the july conference.
Garo is not the first to color the salvati saga with images of government.
Garo is proud to be developing the french version of this fascinating site.
Garo is nothing more than an amazing group of people.
Garo is a fine silk with elaborate chinese embroidery all over the saree.
Garo is an active board member of the waterloo region home builders association.
Garo is expanding his talents not only on the duduk.
Garo is counted among those who make great sacrifices for the sake of sports.

What is the origin of name Garo? Probably France or Russia.

Garo spelled backwards is Orag
This name has 4 letters: 2 vowels (50.00%) and 2 consonants (50.00%).

Anagrams: Gaor Agor Aogr Rgoa Aorg Orag Argo Arog Roga Gora Ogar Oagr Rago Ogra
Misspells: Gsro Gato Galo Gao Garoa Grao Gaor

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Garo Garo Garo Garo Garo
Garo Garo Garo Garo Garo

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