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The word Frederik has a web popularity of 34500000 pages.


What means Frederik?

The meaning of Frederik is: Peaceful Ruler

Web synthesis about this name:

...Frederik is ready to take his place in the roll of danish kings.
Frederik is described as a charming and social person.
Frederik is picking up a bit of a following on the web.
Frederik is known to be crazy about cars and he is also an avid actor and sportsman.
Frederik is daarom een voorzichtig voorstander van het studiehuis.
Frederik is one of the newest and most delightful hotels in the vejle.
Frederik is a research assistant sponsored by the fund for scientific research.
Frederik is a four star deluxe hotel with a unique atmosphere formed by the beautiful arrangements.
Frederik is ready to take his place in the roll of danish kings and he is better equipped for it now than any other danish heir presumptive has.
Frederik is overleden op donderdag 6 april 1944 in tjimahi java indonesia.

What is the origin of name Frederik? Probably Belgium or Denmark.

Frederik spelled backwards is Kirederf
This name has 8 letters: 3 vowels (37.50%) and 5 consonants (62.50%).

Anagrams: Deerfirk Ikrederf Rrekiedf Fedirker Refekird Ferridke
Misspells: Ftederik Frederyk Flederik Federik Frederika Ferderik Frederki Fredeirk

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Frederik Hilmer Svanholm
Frederik Meuleman
Frederik Dissel
Frederik Bungart
Frederik Berrios
Frederik Van Kerrebrouck
Frederik De Wal
Frederik Nagels
Frederik Ardies
Frederik Zinken
Frederik Lombard
Frederik Lund Lavesen
Frederik De Leeuw
Frederik Plas
Frederik Van Doorn
Frederik Debaeke
Frederik Heremans
Frederik Klinge
Frederik Hinz Andersen
Frederik Varlet
Frederik Bots
Frederik Boot
Frederik Sabanal
Frederik Nilsson
Frederik Bouckaert
Frederik Enemark Poulsen
Frederik Brouwers
Frederik Persson
Frederik Skaanild
Frederik Borremans
Frederik Vilhardt
Frederik Flagstad
Frederik Karaca
Frederik Cleppe
Frederik Van Cleemput
Frederik Scholtz