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The word Franco has a web popularity of 357000000 pages.


What means Franco?

The meaning of Franco is: A Free Man

Silvia says: ciao ciao voglio conoscere la popolarità del nome

Filipe Furtado Franco says: would love to know more about the origin of the Franco Surname

Web synthesis about this name:

...Franco is a master at the art of wedding and event photography.
Franco is tagged out by montreal expos catcher michael barrett while trying to score during the 7th inning on saturday.
Franco is a law enforcement master instructor who designed.
Franco is scheduled to throw live batting practice on may 1.
Franco is a master at the art of wedding and event photography and has been helping people capture the truly elegant images that they desire at pleasingly.
Franco is a fellow of the american college of rheumatology.
Franco is a director that inspires people between either total hatred of his work or a fanatical cult devotion.
Franco is a native of wisconsin who was raised partly in texas and.
Franco is an executive officer in the us air force reserves and has a masters degree in business.
Franco is still several weeks away from throwing in a game.

What is the origin of name Franco? Probably Italy or France.

Franco spelled backwards is Ocnarf
This name has 6 letters: 2 vowels (33.33%) and 4 consonants (66.67%).

Anagrams: Froacn Rnocfa Ancofr Ofcarn Rcaofn Ncaofr Rfoanc Norcaf Nfaorc Cnorfa Rnaofc Frocna
Misspells: Frsnco Ftanco Flanco Fanco Francoa Farnco Franoc Fracno

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