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The word Filippo has a web popularity of 12100000 pages.


What means Filippo?

The meaning of Filippo is: Lover Of Horses

Web synthesis about this name:

...Filippo is one of the most outrageous stylists working in the field of science fiction today.
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Filippo is overshadowed by fellow juventus teammate and countryman.
Filippo is finally ready for play his 1st match in this world cup.
Filippo is een autosomale recessieve aandoening en de genen van de verschillende enzymen zijn gekend.
Filippo is just beginning to emerge from its youthful reticence and is showing the power.
Filippo is a frequent contributor to science fiction weekly.
Filippo is a regular contributor to science fiction weekly.
Filippo is a pretty fourteenth century farmhouse set on a hillside on a beautifully kept estate of two hundred acres of olive groves.
Filippo is one of those gifted authors whose writing defies categorization.

What is the origin of name Filippo? Probably Italy or UK.

Filippo spelled backwards is Oppilif
This name has 7 letters: 3 vowels (42.86%) and 4 consonants (57.14%).

Anagrams: Ifolipp Ipilopf Iloppif Lippoif Poifipl Piolfip Lofipip Pipofli Ilpiofp Ifilopp Oplifip
Misspells: Fillippo Fylippo Filippoa Fliippo Filipop

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Filippo Castellani
Filippo Conticello
Filippo Dadone
Filippo Santambrogio
Filippo Girlanda
Filippo Aglieri Rinella
Filippo Dallafiora
Filippo Cerrina
Filippo Genna
Filippo Negri
Filippo Mignani
Filippo Bonaccorsi
Filippo Menozzi
Filippo Santolia Junior
Filippo Parisotto
Filippo Ravarini
Filippo Galluccio
Filippo Melis
Filippo Caterina
Filippo Bubba
Filippo Di Vattimo
Filippo Forestan
Filippo Petrecca
Filippo Natuzzi
Filippo Antonini
Filippo Mattia Dobrovich
Filippo Pepitoni
Filippo Secolo
Filippo Ippaso
Filippo Manzi
Filippo Grattagliano