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What means Erdem?

The meaning of Erdem is: Means "virtue" in Turkish.

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...Erdem is able to estimate and predict dose when exposure occurs to several chemicals simultaneously.
Erdem is changing his galatasaray colours turkish international arif erdem is heading for real.
Erdem is a turkish national living in turkey who speaks turkish.
Erdem is a caricaturist who has a very distinct sense of humor.
Erdem is voorzitter van de stichting islam en dialoog.
Erdem is a museum of industrial design combined with a shop for the fabrication of custom metal work.
Erdem is responsible for conducting all fieldwork activities.
Erdem is phd student in department of politics at university of virginia.
Erdem is coming on for emre at the start of extra time.
Erdem is a phd student in the graduate program in international studies at old dominion university of norfolk.

What is the origin of name Erdem? Probably Turkey or France.

Erdem spelled backwards is Medre
This name has 5 letters: 2 vowels (40.00%) and 3 consonants (60.00%).

Anagrams: Ermed Redem Dmere Deerm Rdeem Edmer Emred Ederm Mdeer Emedr Mrede
Misspells: Etdem Eldem Edem Erdema Edrem Erdme Eredm

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Erdem Demirtas
Erdem Dikici
Erdem Kaftanoglu
Erdem Dermendere
Erdem Eray