Dumitru - details and analysis   

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The word Dumitru has a web popularity of 16900000 pages.


What means Dumitru?

The meaning of Dumitru is: Of demeter

Web synthesis about this name:

...Dumitru is primarily focused on the broad field of clinical neurophysiology.
Dumitru is one of the most highly qualified coaches in africa and as such.
Dumitru is back with us and we are delighted to have him back.
Dumitru is member of the belgian society of biochemistry.
Dumitru is playing his cards close to his chest regarding amougou.
Dumitru is simply hedging his options as sundowns become involved in a fierce.
Dumitru is expecting goalkeeper john tlale to exceed expectations this afternoon.
Dumitru is a lecturer at the faculty of physical education and sport at ovidius university in constanta and can be contacted at 40.
Dumitru is a german national living in romania who speaks german.
Dumitru is the internationally recognized guru of emg.

What is the origin of name Dumitru? Probably Romania or Moldova.

Dumitru spelled backwards is Urtimud
This name has 7 letters: 3 vowels (42.86%) and 4 consonants (57.14%).

Anagrams: Udumirt Utimurd Umurtid Mitruud Ruuditm Ruumdit Mudutir Tirudmu Umtiudr Idumurt Utmudir
Misspells: Dumittu Dumittru Dumytru Dumitlu Dumitu Dumitrua Dmuitru Dumitur Dumirtu

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Dumitru Costel
Dumitru Lilica
Dumitru Constanta
Dumitru Claudia
Dumitru Ionescu
Dumitru Strajescu
Dumitru Sorin
Dumitru Tcaci
Dumitru Burlan
Dumitru Chicu
Dumitru Soare
Dumitru Avramuti
Dumitru Ibrian
Dumitru Roberto
Dumitru Alexia
Dumitru Ciuca
Dumitru Belli
Dumitru Gandila
Dumitru Chirila
Dumitru Serban
Dumitru Constantin
Dumitru Codita
Dumitru Crina
Dumitru Cobzariu
Dumitru Hampu
Dumitru Marian
Dumitru Titica
Dumitru Misin
Dumitru Entuc
Dumitru Valentina Vali
Dumitru Maria
Dumitru Stanescu
Dumitru Victor
Dumitru Simionescu
Dumitru Teculescu
Dumitru Filoftia
Dumitru Iliev
Dumitru Cornesti
Dumitru George
Dumitru Ganea
Dumitru Rares
Dumitru Burduja
Dumitru Ivan
Dumitru Tomescu
Dumitru Razvan
Dumitru Dragan
Dumitru Dumitrascu
Dumitru Damian
Dumitru Catalina
Dumitru Olaru
Dumitru Nicolaita
Dumitru Viorel Pamint
Dumitru Bratanov
Dumitru Camerzan
Dumitru Raul
Dumitru Maris
Dumitru Pintileasa
Dumitru Neagu
Dumitru Ilea
Dumitru Mihaela Laura
Dumitru Calalb
Dumitru Lenke Donatella
Dumitru Mioara
Dumitru Daniel Pauna
Dumitru Radu Mihai
Dumitru Scortescu
Dumitru Nicolescu
Dumitru Mandrila
Dumitru Precup
Dumitru Felinar
Dumitru Ramona
Dumitru Pascu
Dumitru Ciobanu
Dumitru Turcanu
Dumitru Tazlaoanu
Dumitru Costin
Dumitru Florentina
Dumitru Doina
Dumitru Danut
Dumitru Cecilia
Dumitru Popescu Adrian
Dumitru Serghescu
Dumitru Stetco
Dumitru Ovidiu Negreanu
Dumitru Simona Florentina
Dumitru Virginia
Dumitru Dobrev
Dumitru Stefan Octavian
Dumitru Amurit
Dumitru Ilies
Dumitru Otel
Dumitru Florin
Dumitru Logan
Dumitru Virgil
Dumitru Gavrila
Dumitru Stela
Dumitru Marllene Margarette
Dumitru Iulia
Dumitru Eugen Toma
Dumitru Ileana
Dumitru Bija
Dumitru Vladescu
Dumitru Hristenco
Dumitru Carabadjac
Dumitru Toderic
Dumitru Gina
Dumitru Mihai Dan
Dumitru Macarisin
Dumitru Goldbach
Dumitru Plaesu
Dumitru Cristinel Stefan
Dumitru Serghiuta
Dumitru Ene
Dumitru Rinciog
Dumitru Badila
Dumitru Andronic
Dumitru Dumitriu
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Dumitru Zlatov
Dumitru Sauer
Dumitru Esanu
Dumitru Alex
Dumitru Ceara
Dumitru Arustei
Dumitru Mandoc
Dumitru Rusnac
Dumitru Calin Lele
Dumitru Remi Daniliuc
Dumitru Lupascu
Dumitru Dabija
Dumitru Friptu
Dumitru Ciornea