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The word Domingos has a web popularity of 85300000 pages.


What means Domingos?

The meaning of Domingos is: A king

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...Domingos is a 15 room guest house established in october 1999 and personally supervised by its owner edwin.
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Domingos is now a remarkable example of the deep alterations that were produced by industrial exploitations during more than 100 years.
Domingos is also a member of the standing commission.
Domingos is a united methodist clergyperson and general secretary of the council of christian churches of angola.

What is the origin of name Domingos? Probably Portugal or Brazil.

Domingos spelled backwards is Sognimod
This name has 8 letters: 3 vowels (37.50%) and 5 consonants (62.50%).

Anagrams: Modgison Ngiomosd Dmionogs
Misspells: Domyngos Domingo Domingosa Dmoingos Domingso Dominogs

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Domingos Toldo
Domingos Marinho
Domingos Poio
Domingos Canoquela
Domingos Torques
Domingos Franco
Domingos Bezerros
Domingos Santos Neto
Domingos Teles
Domingos Dejad
Domingos Sambu
Domingos Kialo
Domingos Enriuqe Taty
Domingos Pimentel
Domingos Bento Pereira
Domingos Monteiro
Domingos Liberato
Domingos Artur
Domingos Lorena
Domingos Saene
Domingos Aguiar
Domingos Antonio Moreira
Domingos Di Giaimo
Domingos Floreni Lamberty
Domingos Ruiz
Domingos Lobato Lobato
Domingos Quiala
Domingos Rinhel Rinhel
Domingos Kimbanzi
Domingos Colaco
Domingos Matias
Domingos Pedra
Domingos Borges
Domingos Mazzeo
Domingos Leonardo Leonardo
Domingos Dende
Domingos Rosario
Domingos Soares
Domingos Fonseca Fonseca
Domingos Guimaraes