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The word Devora has a web popularity of 6190000 pages.


What means Devora?
The meaning of Devora is unknown.

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...Devora is scheduled to again lead her workshop how to write a service learning book in 90 minutes or less.
Devora is 32 years old and the mother of 5 children.
Devora is married and gave birth to her first child.
Devora is a native of louisiana who has resided in texas.
Devora is a member of the fairview park united methodist church in fairview park.
Devora is 18 years old and will attend high school in san antonio for 10 months before returning to ecuador.
Devora is persevering in trying to bring quality education to ecuador.
Devora is a study of the divine character as outlined by micha and its translation into.
Devora is the first case to be recorded and studied in detail.
Devora is planning to stay with friends in a real house with a shower and everything and invites me along.

What is the origin of name Devora? Probably Spain or Israel.

Devora spelled backwards is Aroved
This name has 6 letters: 3 vowels (50.00%) and 3 consonants (50.00%).

Anagrams: Deavro Vadero Evodra Vorade Aedorv Ervado Orvade Avorde Edavor Odvaer Aovder Eovadr Dearov
Misspells: Devors Devota Dewora Devola Devoa Devoraa Dveora Devoar Devroa

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