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The word Deana has a web popularity of 9380000 pages.


What means Deana?

The meaning of Deana is: Divine

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...Deana is a member of the national investigating committee.
Deana is married to eddie miller and they have one son.
Deana is an aspiring young writer who currently resides in puerto rico with her husband rick who is stationed at the air force observatory in.
Deana is a science fiction fan and adjusts fairly quickly to having an alien in her house.
Deana is the daughter of missa and astron and is a major disappointment to her father.
Deana is having one of those days where everything is going wrong and while her car is trapped in a parking space behind two arguing motorists who have blocked.
Deana is more comfortable in blue jeans than in a blue evening dress.
Deana is married to rick cheshier and they reside in puerto rico where rick is stationed at the ramey solar observatory.
Deana is spreading the message about the bone disease osteoporosis.
Deana is a 2001 graduate of hendrix where she received her degree in psychology.

What is the origin of name Deana? Probably UK or Italy.

Deana spelled backwards is Anaed
This name has 5 letters: 3 vowels (60.00%) and 2 consonants (40.00%).

Anagrams: Enada Aaned Andea Eadna Daane Naeda Danea Aande Danae Aedan
Misspells: Desna Deanaa Daena Deaan Denaa

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