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The word Cynara has a web popularity of 2970000 pages.


What means Cynara?

The meaning of Cynara is: princess of the moon

Cynara Shelton says: I had no idea there were so many Cynara's

Cynara says: Cynara means - Beauty guarded by Thorns.

Cynara Miller says: I believe origin of the name is Greek.

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...Cynara is that it sets this music in its proper place in the global picture.
Cynara is the botanical name of two vegetables known as the globe artichoke and the cardoon.
Cynara is from the greek kinara which is a name for the globe artichoke.
Cynara is a highly productivity crop that has proved its suitability for biomass production in southern regions of.
Cynara is een geslacht met 2 belangrijke vertegenwoordigers.
Cynara is sold off of the plantation so that mammy can devote her attention to other.
Cynara is a paternal sister to us national champion stallion ibn habu.
Cynara is not a character that anyone from gone with the wind would recognize.
Cynara is that she needs to write her way into sanity.
Cynara is a sweeping romance set on the northwest coast in 1883.

What is the origin of name Cynara? Probably Brazil or UK.

Cynara spelled backwards is Aranyc
This name has 6 letters: 3 vowels (50.00%) and 3 consonants (50.00%).

Anagrams: Cyanra Nacyra Ynacra Naracy Aycarn Yrnaca Arnacy Anarcy Ycanar Acnayr Aancyr Yanacr Cyaran
Misspells: Cynsra Cynata Cinara Cynala Cynaa Cynaraa Cnyara Cynaar Cynraa

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