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The word Bartek has a web popularity of 18400000 pages.


What means Bartek?

The meaning of Bartek is: Son of Talmai

Web synthesis about this name:

...Bartek is a teacher and writer who lives in suburban denver with her husband and two daughters.
Bartek is a teacher and writer who lives in colorado with her husband and two daughters.
Bartek is a licensed optometrist by the texas optometry board and is the attending doctor at mills county eye care.
Bartek is board certified in the treatment and management of ocular disease.
Bartek is chairman and chief executive officer of microtune.
Bartek is brutally punished by his unemployed and frustrated father.
Bartek is dedicated to providing consistency in both quality and availability to their customers.
Bartek is far more impressed than his young daughter about the architectural design.
Bartek is aware of the religious quality of the making and sharing of his art.
Bartek is out for the season after suffering a broken clavicle and a concussion wednesday vs.

What is the origin of name Bartek? Probably Poland or UK.

Bartek spelled backwards is Ketrab
This name has 6 letters: 2 vowels (33.33%) and 4 consonants (66.67%).

Anagrams: Bakret Krebta Atkebr Rtekba Kabter Kberat Tkaerb Etkabr Baketr
Misspells: Bsrtek Battek Barttek Baltek Batek Barteka Bratek Bartke Baretk

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Bartek Jakubowski
Bartek Kopec
Bartek Macichowski
Bartek Dymarek
Bartek Atys
Bartek Rzepka
Bartek Pilarski
Bartek Filipiuk
Bartek Chylinski
Bartek Wlosinski
Bartek Targosz
Bartek Bocianski
Bartek Stonawski
Bartek Budnik
Bartek Lachowicz
Bartek Boruta
Bartek Kochanski
Bartek Brudzinski
Bartek Borowiec
Bartek Polakowski
Bartek Staskiewicz
Bartek Nahajowski
Bartek Ziolkowski
Bartek Brzoskowski
Bartek Kownacki
Bartek Nowicki
Bartek Ciereszko
Bartek Witkowski
Bartek Tuturusz
Bartek Wolejszo
Bartek Bicpainters
Bartek Matuszczak
Bartek Sokolski
Bartek Wilczynski
Bartek Wykrytowicz
Bartek Wazniewicz
Bartek Morski
Bartek Grzesiak
Bartek Fila
Bartek Szweda
Bartek Hidden
Bartek Litwin
Bartek Miskiewicz
Bartek Borowinski
Bartek Kruk
Bartek Dominiak
Bartek Pawlowski
Bartek Bednarkiewicz
Bartek Olszewski
Bartek Radwan
Bartek Kardasz
Bartek Szambelan
Bartek Raszczyk
Bartek Sollie
Bartek Adamczuk
Bartek Jozwiak
Bartek Polaczynski
Bartek Krzewski
Bartek Chmiel
Bartek Kierun
Bartek Skrzypczak