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The word Bangladesh has a web popularity of 592000000 pages.


What means Bangladesh?
The meaning of Bangladesh is unknown.

Towhedul Islam says: My formal name is "MD TOWHEDUL ISLAM BHUIYAN" & My nick name is "TOWHED"

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...Bangladesh is not a state party to the united nations.
Bangladesh is happy to be able to participate in the discussion.
Bangladesh is facing the threat of an innings defeat.
Bangladesh is the best ginny pig for the world forums.
Bangladesh is blessed with both fresh water and marine fisheries.
Bangladesh is going to purchase new fighters for its air forces and replace russian mig.
Bangladesh is definitely going to be affected if the sea rises.
Bangladesh is not a state party to the united nations convention relating to the status of refugees or its protocol.
Bangladesh is happy to be participating in the discussion on this agenda item.
Bangladesh is derived from the cognate vanga which was first mentioned in aitarey aranyaka.

What is the origin of name Bangladesh? Probably Russia or UK.

Bangladesh spelled backwards is Hsedalgnab
This name has 10 letters: 3 vowels (30.00%) and 7 consonants (70.00%).

Misspells: Bsngladesh Banglladesh Bangladeh Bangladesha Bnagladesh Bangladehs Bangladseh

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Bangladesh Bangladesh Bangladesh Bangladesh Bangladesh

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