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The word Bahram has a web popularity of 5770000 pages.


What means Bahram?

The meaning of Bahram is: Character in Shahnameh

bahram bidgoli says: bahram in persian means fourth planet from the Sun and the second-smallest planet in the Solar System

Web synthesis about this name:

...Bahram is one of the features of this former palace turned out to be caravanserai.
Bahram is the creator of a dramatic world of painting.
Bahram is 6 km to the north of siahkooh and it will take you one hour to walk to the foot of the mountain from there.
Bahram is the purest place to be found in this world.
Bahram is sometimes identified with the god verethragna.
Bahram is enjoying himself and has already made many friends.
Bahram is currently president of the univerge group.
Bahram is currently chief scientist of optoelectronics at intel.
Bahram is the promised world teacher to arise from persia.
Bahram is going to forward a bibliography on transnationalism and tribal.

What is the origin of name Bahram? Probably Iran or UK.

Bahram spelled backwards is Marhab
This name has 6 letters: 2 vowels (33.33%) and 4 consonants (66.67%).

Anagrams: Bamhar Mhabra Armabh Hramba Mabrah Mbahar Rmaahb Bamarh
Misspells: Bshram Bahtam Bahlam Baham Bahrama Bharam Bahrma Baharm

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Bahram Fotouhi
Bahram Zand
Bahram Amini
Bahram Sepasgozar
Bahram Maheronnaghsh
Bahram Abedi
Bahram Kuhyar
Bahram Torabi
Bahram Yaghoobi
Bahram Manoocheri
Bahram Akbary
Bahram Najmi
Bahram Shams
Bahram Afrasiabi
Bahram Pourkarimi
Bahram Marashi
Bahram Mirzaei
Bahram Sadian
Bahram Mostahkam
Bahram Eksiri
Bahram Soroush
Bahram Hooshi
Bahram Rahim
Bahram Naziripour
Bahram Alidaee
Bahram Vosuq
Bahram Mozayeny
Bahram Jowkar
Bahram Andisheh
Bahram Morsali
Bahram Soltanirad
Bahram Sharifi
Bahram Adrangi
Bahram Safari
Bahram Sobhani
Bahram Samie
Bahram Artikov
Bahram Atefi
Bahram Sepahi
Bahram Khalesseh
Bahram Grami
Bahram Khosropanah
Bahram Khaligh
Bahram M. Tarighi
Bahram Zia