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The word Bachir has a web popularity of 12400000 pages.


What means Bachir?
The meaning of Bachir is unknown.

tirichine says: i want to know tirichine worlwide

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...Bachir is stateless and therefore cannot be deported.
Bachir is alive in each lebanese and if he is not lebanese we are not.
Bachir is the leader of the attar clan and his entire life has revolved solely around jajoukan music.
Bachir is an eclectic and adventurous canadian art collector.
Bachir is uiteindelijk het slachtoffer geworden van de programmamakers van big brother.
Bachir is from his first crop as is european free handicap winner cape town.
Bachir is perhaps the finest living player in the great iraqi school.
Bachir is bankrolling it to boost his computer fairs rich.
Bachir is developing 800 acres at eberoabo savannahs and has been on the land since 1994 with mixed success having to abandon 25 acres of citrus trees.

What is the origin of name Bachir? Probably France or Algeria.

Bachir spelled backwards is Rihcab
This name has 6 letters: 2 vowels (33.33%) and 4 consonants (66.67%).

Anagrams: Barcih Rcibha Ahribc Chirba Rabhic Rbicah Hraicb Ihrabc Barihc
Misspells: Bschir Bachit Bachyr Bachil Bachi Bachira Bcahir Bachri Bacihr

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