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The word Athar has a web popularity of 3690000 pages.


What means Athar?
The meaning of Athar is unknown.

Athar Ji says: Athar Means Genuine.

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...Athar is a chartered electrical engineer and a fellow of the institution of electrical engineers.
Athar is an old man getting on in his years with a slight hunch and a somewhat less muscular body than most adventures.
Athar is past president of islamic society of greater indianapolis and author of six books which can be read on line at http.
Athar is the term used to describe the sharing between a father and his son.
Athar is also past chairperson of the interfaith alliance of indianapolis and frequently speaks about islam at churches and conferences locally and.
Athar is director case and consultant at communications enabling technologies.
Athar is a muslim and medical doctor in indianapolis.
Athar is on the board of advisors for the international association of sufism.
Athar is also the chairman of the islamic medical association of north american and a member of the islamic academy of sciences.
Athar is believed to be a resident of bahawalpur while the other hijackers belong to the port city of karachi.

What is the origin of name Athar? Probably Pakistan or UK.

Athar spelled backwards is Rahta
This name has 5 letters: 2 vowels (40.00%) and 3 consonants (60.00%).

Anagrams: Atrah Tahar Hrata Haatr Thaar Ahrat Artah Ahatr Rhaat Araht Rtaha
Misspells: Sthar Athat Atthar Athal Atha Athara Ahtar Athra Atahr

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