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The word Armida has a web popularity of 4980000 pages.


What means Armida?

The meaning of Armida is: N/A

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...Armida is enjoying the success of her treachery when rinaldo is led into the garden.
Armida is nowhere close to the impeccable sony recording.
Armida is torn between her desire for rinaldo and her anger at his rejection.
Armida is perhaps best known now for its daunting casting.
Armida is one of a small but beautiful litter of three girls out of her mom cfa grc avicats sophrosina marfisa.
Armida is a powerful enchantress who offers her services to the defenders of jerusalem during the first christian crusade.
Armida is an interesting combination of english and mexican.
Armida is located within one of the most famous villas of sorrento.
Armida is sent to distract rinald and his comrades from an attack on damascus.
Armida is nearly a semitone high and most of its orchestral introduction has been excised.

What is the origin of name Armida? Probably Italy or Mexico.

Armida spelled backwards is Adimra
This name has 6 letters: 3 vowels (50.00%) and 3 consonants (50.00%).

Anagrams: Aramdi Amdair Riadam Maardi Rmiada Midaar Araidm Ramadi Idmaar Amidar Raamid Iamard Aimard Diaram Rimaad Aradim
Misspells: Srmida Atmida Armyda Almida Amida Armidaa Amrida Armiad Armdia

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