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The word Aparna has a web popularity of 7110000 pages.


What means Aparna?

The meaning of Aparna is: literally 'without a leaf' the story goes that goddess parvati in her human form meditated on the lord with such intensity that she did not eat even so much as a single leaf her unparalleled devotion to god earned her the name 'aparna'

Aparna Bhosale says: Good work!

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...Aparna is a microsoft great plains certified software engineer as well as a certified integration devloper.
Aparna is a member of the renowned brighton secondary school concert choir which has numerous awards and cds to its credit.
Aparna is one of few artists who uses her background in traditional dance to work actively for social change.
Aparna is her hand picking kannada poetry and short stories from various parts of the world.
Aparna is totally sold out to the concept of simplicity.
Aparna is inherently driven to seek truth and to connect with people in a way that is beneficial to both herself and others.
Aparna is both passionate and vocal about her love for mathematics.
Aparna is quick to clarify that they provide you sufficient knowledge for you to take off and its constant practice more than anything else that further.
Aparna is quick to clarify that they provide sufficient knowledge for you to take off and its constant practice more than anything else that further sharpens.
Aparna is raped and killed by the neighbourhood muslims.

What is the origin of name Aparna? Probably UK or United Arab Emirates.

Aparna spelled backwards is Anrapa
This name has 6 letters: 3 vowels (50.00%) and 3 consonants (50.00%).

Anagrams: Apaanr Aanarp Pranaa Parana Arnaap Aanapr Aarnap Rapnaa Araapn Nrapaa Apanra
Misspells: Sparna Apatna Apalna Apana Aparnaa Aaprna Aparan Apanra

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Aparna Aparna Aparna Aparna Aparna

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Aparna Malshet
Aparna Monga
Aparna Mudumbi
Aparna Vodapalli
Aparna Matta
Aparna Ammannaya
Aparna Kesiraju
Aparna A Nagare
Aparna Bochare
Aparna Kh
Aparna Shobha
Aparna Aparnagooty
Aparna Badkas
Aparna Dhavle
Aparna Karn
Aparna Prabushankar
Aparna Ravichander
Aparna Angel
Aparna Nair
Aparna Asokan
Aparna Balantrapu
Aparna Andhare
Aparna Kumbhar
Aparna Durvasula
Aparna Kalidindi
Aparna Raviprasath
Aparna Nandigam
Aparna Nadkarni
Aparna Todkar
Aparna Viswanadha
Aparna Ben
Aparna Gunti
Aparna Mirji
Aparna Giribhattanavar
Aparna Padki
Aparna Gore
Aparna Darisipudi
Aparna Dixith
Aparna Peram
Aparna Tadimalla
Aparna Pratap
Aparna Pisupati
Aparna Sehdev
Aparna Saha
Aparna Pujala
Aparna Manandhar
Aparna Naskanti
Aparna Damle
Aparna Bapat
Aparna Srirangam
Aparna Telang
Aparna Sinthal
Aparna Sivaraman
Aparna Varshney
Aparna Gk
Aparna Surte
Aparna Tangadi