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The word Ammar has a web popularity of 21700000 pages.


What means Ammar?

The meaning of Ammar is: builder

Most ammar says: Ali Ammar (ali la pointe)

Web synthesis about this name:

...Ammar is currently an associate professor in the college of computing at georgia tech.
Ammar is professor of computer science with the college of computing at the georgia institute of technology in.
Ammar is with the truth and the truth is with ammar.
Ammar is painstaking in furthering your education and knowledge of each move.
Ammar is an expert in computer network architectures and protocols.
Ammar is currently a purification technician at dsm biologics.
Ammar is a professor of computer engineering in the department of computer science and electrical engineering at west virginia university.
Ammar is an exemplar of a thai academic who has laboured in the service of thai society.
Ammar is moderate in sports when compared to khaled.
Ammar is one who rode that wave all the way to the beach.

What is the origin of name Ammar? Probably France or Saudi Arabia.

Ammar spelled backwards is Ramma
This name has 5 letters: 2 vowels (40.00%) and 3 consonants (60.00%).

Anagrams: Amram Mamar Mrama Maamr Mmaar Armam Amamr Rmaam Aramm Rmama
Misspells: Smmar Ammat Ammal Amma Ammara Ammra Amamr

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Ammar Ammar Ammar Ammar Ammar

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Ammar Sajdi
Ammar Baig
Ammar Anwar
Ammar Baadj
Ammar Belakhel
Ammar Harastani
Ammar Dabbour
Ammar Kafa
Ammar Ka
Ammar Hossain
Ammar El Ammar
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Ammar Asaad
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Ammar Yudhasompop