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The word Amjad has a web popularity of 2360000 pages.


What means Amjad?

The meaning of Amjad is: Glorious

Web synthesis about this name:

...Amjad islam amjad is a sensitive poet who through the careful use of similes.
Amjad is shown here preparing to go to his next session.
Amjad is always hunting after new technologies in the oil industry that could help in making the life of the oil companies easier.
Amjad is registered with and operates under the laws and regulations of ministry of commerce and industry in oman.
Amjad is involved in the preparation and prosecution of united states and foreign patent applications.
Amjad is waiting for her own children to come home from school.
Amjad is hit in the head with a sledgehammer by a hindu.
Amjad is threatened by what are clearly diehard hindu incendiaries.
Amjad is a vice president with hemisphere development.
Amjad is a very good player as i have lost to him three times.

What is the origin of name Amjad? Probably UK or Pakistan.

Amjad spelled backwards is Dajma
This name has 5 letters: 2 vowels (40.00%) and 3 consonants (60.00%).

Anagrams: Amdaj Majad Jdama Jaamd Mjaad Ajdam Admaj Ajamd Djaam Adajm Dmaja
Misspells: Smjad Amjada Ajmad Amjda Amajd

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Amjad Amjad Amjad Amjad Amjad

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Amjad Awan
Amjad Butt
Amjad Alsaleh
Amjad Makhoul
Amjad M. Aleem
Amjad Jamil
Amjad Majbour
Amjad Alialashmi
Amjad Sawaged
Amjad Sajid
Amjad Ullaah
Amjad Jakati
Amjad Zaman
Amjad Al Marzuq
Amjad Aleideh
Amjad Azzoni
Amjad Alfaris
Amjad Mehta
Amjad Kassem
Amjad Afsar
Amjad Ghadieh
Amjad Ibraheem
Amjad Jahangir
Amjad Satvilker
Amjad Abu Khalaf
Amjad Kamali Saeed
Amjad Saifi