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The word Alexandrine has a web popularity of 624000 pages.


What means Alexandrine?

The meaning of Alexandrine is: Feminine Form Alexandre

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...Alexandrine is an overall great pet bird with the loud voice and cage size being the only possible drawbacks.
Alexandrine is a metrical verse of iambic hexameter.
Alexandrine is 7 months old and i have had him for 4 months.
Alexandrine is a verse usually made out iambic hexameter.
Alexandrine is a docile bird with a potential to develop a large vocabulary.
Alexandrine is dedicated to a proletarian renaissance.
Alexandrine is often defined as a iambic hexameter with a caesura after the third foot.
Alexandrine is one of parrot haven aviaries beautiful asiatic parrots sydney a baby alexandrine being hand reared at parrot haven aviary.
Alexandrine is a line with twelve syllables and written in reverse iambic.
Alexandrine is the latest addition to our boat share scheme.

What is the origin of name Alexandrine? Probably France or UK.

Alexandrine spelled backwards is Enirdnaxela
This name has 11 letters: 5 vowels (45.45%) and 6 consonants (54.55%).

Anagrams: Lanrexained Xeenirladna Xeldenranai Naxrainleed
Misspells: Slexandrine Alexandtine Allexandrine Alexandryne Alexandline Alexandine Alexandrinea Aelxandrine Alexandrien Alexandrnie

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Alexandrine Alexandrine Alexandrine Alexandrine Alexandrine

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