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The word Alessandro has a web popularity of 37800000 pages.


What means Alessandro?

The meaning of Alessandro is: Defending men

Web synthesis about this name:

...Alessandro is a senior vice president within wachovia treasury consulting in atlanta.
Alessandro is also personally committed to citizenship.
Alessandro is president and chief executive officer of the company.
Alessandro is a two time recipient of the edward albee foundation award residency.
Alessandro is doomed from the day the senora catches the two by the willows.
Alessandro is unable to answer your personal medical questions.
Alessandro is by no means incompetent at defending himself.
Alessandro is very proud of the fact that she was a public school science teacher in florida for eleven years.
Alessandro is a master brand builder who transformed the company from a traditional life insurer to a financial.
Alessandro is to be a valued resource for organizations that have intellectual property issues.

What is the origin of name Alessandro? Probably Italy or Brazil.

Alessandro spelled backwards is Ordnassela
This name has 10 letters: 4 vowels (40.00%) and 6 consonants (60.00%).

Anagrams: Sesarondal Anlasordes Enorlasasd Rnadalseos
Misspells: Slessandro Alessandto Allessandro Alessandlo Alessando Alesandro Alessandroa Aelssandro Alessandor Alessanrdo

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Alessandro Gerage
Alessandro Pettine
Alessandro Oliveira Lourenco
Alessandro Gaggio
Alessandro Maccarrone
Alessandro Ambrosi
Alessandro Nocciola
Alessandro Maestri
Alessandro Sidoti
Alessandro Sonnessa
Alessandro Metteo
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Alessandro Garzotti
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