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The word Aleesha has a web popularity of 1220000 pages.


What means Aleesha?

The meaning of Aleesha is: Noble kind; of the noble sort

Web synthesis about this name:

...Aleesha is a resident of lakewood and is a sophomore at green mountain high school.
Aleesha is a strong player who works extremely hard.
Aleesha is a 4 year old blonde bombshell with big blue eyes.
Aleesha is more concerned that the coke she is selling should go further and asks us whether to cut it with vit c powder or baby lax.
Aleesha is going around handing out free copies of the paper and tells frank that another reporter called for him.
Aleesha is 7 almost 8 levi is 2 almost 3 they both will turn in september.

What is the origin of name Aleesha? Probably UK or Pakistan.

Aleesha spelled backwards is Ahseela
This name has 7 letters: 4 vowels (57.14%) and 3 consonants (42.86%).

Anagrams: Eselaah Leahsea Eeshala Halaese Aashele Ehasela Esehaal Aleshae Ahaeles Ealeahs Aselaeh
Misspells: Sleesha Alleesha Aleeha Aleeshaa Aelesha Aleesah Aleehsa

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Aleesha Aleesha Aleesha Aleesha Aleesha

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