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The word Abbas has a web popularity of 86900000 pages.


What means Abbas?

The meaning of Abbas is: Lion

abbas beigi nejad says: thanks for web(i love u)

Abbas Lasania says: Running Lasania's Skating Academy in India

Web synthesis about this name:

...Abbas is indistinguishable from hundreds of other middle eastern immigrants swept up.
Abbas is currently working with centillium communications in fremont.
Abbas is a member and a past president of the iowa chiropractic society and served on the board over 10 years.
Abbas is the latest addition to the nile corporation fleet.
Abbas is a nationally recognized authority in traffic control and its.
Abbas is a south asian specialist at the fletcher school of law and diplomacy.
Abbas is currently an associate professor at the center for biomedical engineering at the university of kentucky.
Abbas is the attending physician for all residents in the vinson and russell buildings.
Abbas is in a valley on the main a35 road about 4 miles due west of dorchester.
Abbas is managing director of grid technology partners.

What is the origin of name Abbas? Probably UK or Iran.

Abbas spelled backwards is Sabba
This name has 5 letters: 2 vowels (40.00%) and 3 consonants (60.00%).

Anagrams: Absab Babas Bsaba Baabs Bbaas Asbab Ababs Sbaab Asabb Sbaba
Misspells: Sbbas Abba Abbasa Abbsa Ababs

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Abbas Abbas Abbas Abbas Abbas

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Abbas Khizar
Abbas Salehivand
Abbas Roayaei Ardakany
Abbas Ajmal
Abbas Zahra
Abbas Seifeddein
Abbas Om
Abbas Ta
Abbas Ibraheem
Abbas Esfandiari
Abbas Parwaresh
Abbas Firoozabadi
Abbas Kassar
Abbas Alabbass
Abbas Msafiri
Abbas Somji
Abbas Ayache
Abbas Yildiz
Abbas Rangwalla
Abbas Kakar
Abbas Jamalbashi
Abbas Haldarwala
Abbas Doustmohammadi
Abbas Rasheed
Abbas Misbahi
Abbas Djavan
Abbas Iti
Abbas Janabi
Abbas Asim
Abbas Wahla
Abbas Qutab
Abbas Alsaihati
Abbas Fakhrtabatabaei
Abbas Moslem
Abbas Najimddine
Abbas Mandrovny
Abbas Exi
Abbas Rezaeian
Abbas Gerami
Abbas Kamrani
Abbas Mohebi
Abbas Makhdum
Abbas Zehtab
Abbas Madema
Abbas Marofpour
Abbas Kassem
Abbas Sohrabpour
Abbas Abdulmajeed
Abbas Mirhashemi
Abbas Falasiya
Abbas Bohari